Saturday, November 27, 2010

Critical Time Management Skills: A Simple Tactic For Overcoming Any Hurdle With Ease

When we are on the path to our goals, many small things often derail us, even if only temporarily. There is a "Manual" approach to doing this that involves you having  to  be consciously aware of minute details and pick yourself up despite all odds.

While there is much to be said of this approach, it can be quite daunting to someone who is not used to doing such things. This is where this simple tactic comes in. It is a simple way of doing things that Automates the process of overcoming the things which usually derail us.

Focus On The Desired Result

Whatever you may be doing, focus on the distinct result that you want. If you learn to do this habitually, rather than always being distracted by minor setbacks your mind will immediately be thinking about what the next step is to achieving it.

The importance of this may not appear to you at first glance. If it doesn't I highly encourage you to apply this one. An important distinction is that you must focus on a clear end result if you want this to be of the greatest effectiveness.

Taking It A Step Further

The first part will get you started and have you becoming more and more effective by the day, but you can do even more to speed this up. Once per hour, take a 5m break and imagine in your mind the overall long-term result that you are working for.

Where before you focused on what you were doing, in the moment, now you are focusing on the long-term desired result to remind yourself what makes it all worthwhile.

By combining these two approaches you will become a powerhouse of productivity. When you are completely set on your goals, all other time management skills begin to seem quite silly and ineffective in comparison.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Simplicity And The Ultimate In Time Management Skills

If, 3 months ago, you told me that a piece of software would redefine my whole life I would have completed ignored you. Interestingly, I ended up experiencing just that. The free piece of software that I am talking about is called Simpleology.

It starts out by giving you these tiny bite-size lessons that you take each day, and over the course of a month it tells you everything that you need to in order to get what you want. That may sounds incredibly simple, and well to be frank, Simpleology does keep it very simple.

Therein is the beauty of it, though. It teaches you how to find the straightest path to the life of your dreams, and then it shows you how to use the free software to incorporate everything that you learned into your daily life.

It breaks your big dream down into small little, bite-sized goals that you accomplish each day.

I have achieved some absolutely tremendous results from my experience with Simpleology. I wanted to travel the world, and now because of Simpleology I am doing just that. It taught me how I could build a business online and hit the road.

No matter what your dream is I know that I can guarantee, from personal experience, that the biggest move you can make towards achieving it is to get started, and experience Simpleology for yourself. I no you won't regret it. It has utterly changed my life.

For more information about how you can make the best use of your time, and achieve your dreams, I recommend visiting Why Wait? The Sooner You Get Going, The Sooner That Day Comes.